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Forum History

Due to its history and location during many years the city of Lviv is not only the national cultural, educational and scientific center, but is also one of the most important business centers of Ukraine.
This is the 10th consecutive year when the International Economic Forums in Lviv Region is visited by many governmental, official delegations from Ukraine and countries of Western and Central Europe, Russia, Canada, USA, Japan.
The representatives of domestic and foreign busniss, academic and political leedres take an active part in the forum.
Its been 10 years since Lviv International Economic Forum has become a powerful national and international platform for highly profewssional open discussion of important issues concernig the competitiveness of regions, their growth and strategic development.

The Forum considered to be the most important event in the economic life of Western Ukraine. About 600 participants from 15-17 countries take part in it. Most guests usually arrive from Poland. Additionally there are delegations from Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus, Romania and other countries (Germany, Austria, Italy, China and others).
Among the forum participants trere are many regional and state officials, governmetal representatives from different countries. Approximately 35-40% of forum participants are representatives from business environment and NGOs.

In the framework of the plenary and workshop sessions the important issues of cross border cooperation, regional economic development and investments atraction are raised. Year after year during the Forum bilateral governmental meetings, meetings of Euroregions, scientific conferences are held.